Mechanical Engineering Machine Design [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Machine Design

What is Machine Design?

The course in Machine Design help students understand the fundamentals of designing the most commonly used parts, elements and units of various machines. Small components of machine on assembling make a big machine, hence the machine as a whole as well as its individual components have to be designed.

The knowledge of machine design helps the designers as follows:

1) To select proper materials and best suited shapes,

2) To calculate the dimensions based on the loads on machines and strength of the material,

3) Specify the manufacturing process for the manufacture of the designed component of the machine or the whole machine.

Machine Design is the application of: mathematics, kinematics, statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, engineering materials, mechanical technology of metals and engineering drawing. It also involves application of other subjects like thermodynamics, electrical theory, hydraulics, engines, turbines, pumps etc. Machine drawing is the integral part of the machine design, since all the components or the machines that have been designed should be drawn to manufacture them as per the specifications. Without machine drawing the subject of machine design is incomplete.

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Which machine designing software should i learn as a mechanical engineering student? | Yahoo Answers

you are just in 4th sem, first try to get good idea in basic machine design, manufacturing processes and understand engineering drawing well.
You may do PROE/CREO courses later in 7th sem
As of now,solidworks is more user friendly and u may learn it with little or no guidance.

do mechanical engineers design electrical machines as well? | Yahoo Answers

Not sure what you mean by an Electrical Machine, but in general, i'd say almost always. Controls are an integral part of ME. Whether fluid, mechanical, pneumatic or electrical ower is used is up to the design engineer. Most every machine i've designed included motors, hydraulic cylinders and a control system to operate them.

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