Mechanical Engineering Design solutions [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Design solutions

Mechanical Engineering Design Solutions

At the onset of any mechanical design project, our mechanical engineers extensively study the form and function of a device. This ensure that the most suitable design, material, and manufacturing process is selected and thus warrants the most optimized cost structure and performance of the product. A good mechanical design is crucial in the development of any electronic product. Mechanical engineering has direct bearings on—

- the robustness of the enclosure and parts

- material selection

- the manufacturing process

- mold design and ease of plastic injection

- the time is takes to assemble a product

- cost of production

- heat dissipation

- the reliability and life-span of electronic components

- water and dust (IP) resistance

- electro magnetic emissions

- accessibility for maintenance and repair work

Our mechanical engineers at Titoma have amassed years of experience working on a variety of projects and tackling challenges brought about by each of the project’s unique requirements—how and where it will be used. We leverage and build on this knowledge to the projects we take on and deliver solutions that impact the overall success of a product.

We offer our clients the highest quality design solutions that work within technical and price constraints and fulfill project objectives. Our mechanical engineers are unique in that they adept at reconciling technical solutions with price and manufacturing constraints. This allows us to develop reliable mechanical systems and enclosures that are practical, cost optimized, and manufacturable at whatever production quantity at a very early stage in the development.

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