Design Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Design Mechanical Engineering

This degree programme treats design and manufacture as the basis for mechanical engineering and integrates courses with projects.

You will complete an extensive design project, which will allow you to integrate the various design skills and understand the business and social context within which design takes place.

You will study the same courses in the first three years whether you are on the BEng or MEng degree programme.

Year 1

You will study mathematics and engineering fundamentals including design, dynamics, electronics, materials, manufacturing, statics, thermodynamics and engineering skills. These courses are supported by individual and group project and laboratory work.

Year 2

You will study further basic engineering subjects including applicable mathematics, applied mechanics, fluid mechanics, microeconomics, engineering computing, materials, power electronics, thermodynamics and design and manufacture.

Year 3

You will study more advanced engineering subjects such as engineering design, dynamics and control, mechanics of solids, heat transfer, design and manufacture, materials and manufacture, mathematical modelling and simulation, and mechanics
of materials and structures.

Years 4 and 5

In year 4 of the BEng programme, students undertake an individual design project and a group design project. A range of subjects are offered, including robotics, advanced materials, vibration, microelectronics, mechanics of solids and thermal engineering. Year 4 MEng students undertake further design projects including a multidisciplinary project.

Year 5 of the MEng programme includes the final-year industrial project, and provides additional management skills and in-depth options of engineering subjects including mechanics of solids, dynamics and desalination technology.

Partnership and industry links

The degree programme has very close links with industry, with practising engineers contributing to courses, as well as vacation and year-out employment opportunities for students.

Our international links

You can apply to spend one year of your studies abroad at an accredited partner university. In year 5 MEng students can work on their project at overseas institutions.


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Is there a major difference between design engineer, mechanical engineer, and mechanical design engineer? | Yahoo Answers

Design engineer and mechanical design engineer are specific to design, however a design engineer could be any discipline. mechanical engineer could be a facilities engineer or project construction engineer who doesn't get involved in design. All three could have a similar level of education and experience.

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