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Duke researchers have devised a way to take an in-depth look at a poorly understood phenomenon that commonly occurs in medical procedures using therapeutic ultrasound, such as shattering kidney stones, delivering drugs to cells, and, most recently, breaking the blood-brain barrier.

Olivier Delaire, a scientist probing the atomic phenomena underlying the physical characteristics of materials, will join Duke University’s faculty in January 2016. After seven years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Tennessee-based research campus of the U.S. Department of Energy...

Researchers at Duke University and North Carolina State University have discovered a brand-new class of materials. When students learn about molecular structures, they’re shown crystals like salt, which resembles a 3-D checkerboard. Historically, most non-metal materials that scientists develop and...

Materials melt faster when the lines of heat spread through the cold material like the branches of a tree - and the melting rate can be steadily increased by allowing the tree architecture to freely evolve over time, researchers have discovered.

We’ve all seen dewdrops form on spider webs. But what if they flung themselves off of the strands instead? Researchers at Duke University and the University of British Columbia have now observed this peculiar phenomenon, which could benefit many industrial applications. As long as the strands are...

Engineering never sounded so cool. Every year, about a dozen groups of mechanical engineering and materials science seniors spend two semesters designing and building a senior project. These projects challenge students to use what they’ve learned over the past four years to solve an engineering...

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