Drexel Mechanical Engineering plan of study [Mechanical engineering]

Drexel Mechanical Engineering plan of study

The College of Engineering

Drexel University’s College of Engineering has emphasized its strengths in engineering, science and technology to train students to become the leaders of the future. In little over a century, Drexel University has transformed itself into a large, comprehensive institution committed to excellence in education, research and service to the engineering society and to the broader community. Although much has changed, the original mission of the University still rings true today.

The College of Engineering offers students a diverse academic learning and research environment embodying the highest standards of knowledge and preparing them to impact society's greatest challenges. Through entrepreneurial risk-taking and exploration, students are encouraged to find innovative solutions that promote economic development and improve life

In addition to the traditional engineering curriculum, the college offers Project Management, Engineering Technology, Construction Management and Property Management.

Objectives of the traditional Undergraduate Engineering Program

The profession of engineering is concerned with turning the natural elements and energies to the service of mankind. The objectives of the undergraduate program in the College of Engineering are:

  • To offer an education that will give graduates the flexibility to adjust to future changes in technology
  • To develop a sense of professionalism and entrepreneurship
  • To provide a framework for concentrated study in a professional area

To implement those objectives the curricula of the College of Engineering are designed to provide a firm grounding in basic science and liberal arts, along with broad-based engineering sciences and professional engineering subjects.

Cooperative Education

In five-year cooperative programs, engineering majors spend a total of 12 terms in school and six terms on co-op assignment. Freshmen attend classes for three terms. During their sophomore, pre-junior, and junior years, students generally attend class for two terms and are assigned a cooperative employment position for two terms each year.

Degree Requirements

The degree of Bachelor of Science in the engineering specialities requires a minimum of 192 credits of academic work and six terms of co-op or engineering experience for the five-year program. For the four-year program, only two terms of co-op are required. Transfer students must complete a minimum of two terms of co-op or engineering experience in order to earn a cooperative engineering degree accredited by ABET.

Engineering student must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0 in all required courses in their major.

Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught Comprising instructions in the selection and preparation of drawing instruments, elementary instruction in practical mechanical ... mechanical motions, engines and boilers
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Why should you study mechanical engineering?

with out mechanical engineering the world is a big zero. no products in the world is created artificially with out the application of mechanical engg. that's y i have studied mech engg.

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