Distance learning Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Distance learning Mechanical Engineering

Boston University’s Mechanical Engineering Department provides graduate courses and a respected master’s degree program to engineers working in industry through it’s Distance Learning Program (DLP). We have been active in distance learning education since 1991 and currently offer an Engineering Master’s Degree (MEng) and Masters Certificates to qualified graduate students.

Distance Learning Program Technology

Enrolling in the distance learning section of a class allows you to participate in that class in real time through desktop videoconferencing. In addition, a streaming video of each class session is available whenever you want to review a class or catch up on a session you’ve missed. Since all classes with an available DL section are extensions of on campus classes you will be participating in exactly the same classes as on-campus students. You are even welcome to attend class on campus when your schedule permits.

Distance education presents unique opportunities to engineers seeking to further their education. If you are thinking of pursuing an online engineering masters degree, consider the difference that real time interaction and direct access to your instructors will make in applying classroom learning immediately to work-related challenges. Most courses are taught by full-time faculty who are research active in the areas in which they are teaching. Review the scheduled Distance Learning course offerings to find classes that are a match for your needs.

Students can take up to three courses prior to being admitted as a degree candidate. It is expected that all students admitted as degree candidates will have a BS degree in engineering from an accredited engineering school with an academic average of B or better. The GRE graduate admission test is also required as part of the graduate admission process. All students enrolling in their first course will be asked to supply a copy of their undergraduate transcripts. For further information on these academic matters, the registration process, or tuition and fees, please contact our Distance Learning Office.

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