Descriptions of Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Descriptions of Mechanical Engineering

Overview of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering involves the design, analysis, and manufacture of a wide variety of mechanical components and systems. While there are a number of disciplines within mechanical engineering, some of the major areas are energy conversion, materials engineering, design engineering, and manufacturing engineering.

A mechanical engineering curriculum is diverse because it is central to so many modern industries (e.g. aerospace, air conditioning, building, computers, plastics, power systems, transportation) and because individual mechanical engineers may be employed in a wide range of engineering endeavors from initial research and development of a product to manufacturing and marketing. Between these diverse activities, mechanical engineers integrate engineering sciences, conceptual product design, and manuufacturing capabilities into a cost-effective, quality product.

Typical technologies in which mechanical engineers find employment are manufacturing processes, materials engineering, energy conversion and conservation systems, and mechanical design. In addition to employment in industry, mechanical engineers also work in government, management, consulting, and academic organizations.

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