Cover Letter for Mechanical engineers [Mechanical engineering]

Cover Letter for Mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineer sample cover letter

Josh Reed
75 Berry St
Summerville QLD 4536
T: (07) 8222 1111
M: 0400 333 888


Rachel Forrester
HR Manager
Brighton Mining
PO Box 300
Green Plains NSW 2008

Dear Ms Forrester

Re: Mechanical Engineer Position

I am writing to apply for the position of Mechanical Engineer as recently advertised on

I am a highly motivated Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Major) and three years of practical on-site mining experience. I am very interested in joining the engineering team at Brighton Mining given your reputation for world-leading innovation in open cut and underground mining.

In my current position as a mechanical engineer at Newcrest Mining I have developed key project management skills and the ability to improve communication with the broader project team. As I am required to ensure risk assessments are correctly implemented and current legislative and environmental guidelines are followed, successful communication is critical to my role.

I am very confident in planning and designing projects using AutoCAD and EXTB, and contributing to the budgeting process. I enjoy the hands-on work that this type of mining role entails, including checking the technical aspects of drawings and equipment designs and the maintenance of existing infrastructure.

I have a thorough knowledge of the processes of open cut and underground mining and am experienced in directing and managing the on-site team, including contractors. I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and my multitasking abilities are advanced.

Given my on-site experience I am accustomed to operating in a FIFO environment and working hard to keep projects running on time and within budget. I am keen to employ my skills and enthusiasm as an integral part of your team and I look forward to being able to discuss this position with you further.

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how to write a covering letter for engineering apprenticeship? | Yahoo Answers

Put how the subjects he iis studying at school reflect how he is iinterested in engineering.
What type of engineerin.
Say he has alwyas been interested in it and wants to make a career from it.
as he got any hobbies that tie in with engineering.
Say that he has no problem with studying part time and wouuld be willing to proceed as far as pushed.
If he is studying a course detail any coursework or projects.
Highlight the fact that he understands that engineering IS NOT about cavemen bashing bits of metal, and there are aspects like research and development, and automation. Research…

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