Contract Mechanical Engineer [Mechanical engineering]

Contract Mechanical Engineer

Rates and Fees

When you hire the engineers at Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC for your contract projects, you are hiring some of the most skilled and creative mechanical design engineers in the country. We perform work at a senior level and have immense experience in most facets of mechanical design, product design and development, automation and robotic systems, and opto-mechanical engineering. We are top professionals in our field and charge rates commensurate with our level of skill. However, we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates. Most lawyers charge much more per hour for their time. And because we are a smaller company, we don’t have large overhead. Nor do we have a large office and big administrative staff. These factors allow us to handle smaller jobs and price our services much lower than many competitors.

We do not have a flat rate structure unless we negotiate an hourly rate or set up and bill for a time and materials contract. Our quotations are mainly based on a proprietary formula that factors in the scope and details of the design, which engineers and how many will be needed to work on the design, and any risk or hazard that might be involved in that type of work, among other factors.

Most projects involving Mechanical Engineering Professionals, LLC
can be estimated at the rate of $140 per hour for a senior engineer and $90 per hour for a junior engineer.

Below is a link to a document about the overhead of hiring a contract mechanical engineer vs. the costs associated with keeping a full-time mechanical engineer on staff. We prepared it with the help a friendly consulting CFO. Use it for comparison purposes, then call us when you are ready to discuss your project’s needs. PLEASE NOTE: The information above is for guidance only. Exact pricing is always given in statement of work or other negotiation with a customer.

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What should expected pay for a contracted mechanical engineer expect for a two month stint in china be? | Yahoo Answers

Generally your salary should be the same or higher than what it is at home. Often it can be higher because they have to pay more to compensate for things like health care, transport etc.
Ask for the salary you have now and ask for benefits.
Remember though some companies will try and hire and lower local rates, but that is up to you. If you are going for the experience of living abroad of going for a top tier job.

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