Carleton University Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Carleton University Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is perhaps the most versatile of the engineering disciplines. It deals with machinery, manufacturing, energy, aerospace, automotive, nuclear, materials, transportation technology, bioengineering, and other applications. Carleton University’s graduates are recognized for their ability to adapt to challenging technology and to get the job done. This stems from our program’s emphasis on fundamentals and on challenging laboratories and design projects.

Mechanical engineers take challenging positions in government agencies and industry, the manufacturing industries, building services and plant engineering, the transportation industry, and in a wide variety of consulting engineering firms. The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.) program offers:

  • study in one of Canada’s largest Mechanical Engineering departments
  • a computer-integrated manufacturing option (CIM)
  • emphasis on problem-solving skills and hands-on laboratories and design projects
  • excellent laboratory and computer facilities
  • work experience through the Co-op Program
  • courses and design projects in automotive, mining, aerospace, and manufacturing engineering
  • excellent scholarships for high-standing students

The Mechanical Engineering program consists of courses that build knowledge in mechanical design and the engineering sciences concentrating on three main topic areas – solid mechanics and materials, fluid mechanics, and thermosciences. In addition, students can choose elective courses which span a wide range of applied subjects, such as noise control, energy conversion and power generation, materials, manufacturing processes, aerodynamics and flight mechanics, space systems and orbital mechanics, vehicle dynamics, robotics, and automatic controls.

Example of a typical Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program:
The link below will show the Prerequisite Trees for all 4 years. It will also contain other information related to the program. Click here for Prerequisite Trees.

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