Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) [Mechanical engineering]

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)

Aircraft maintenance engineer

(AME) is a licensed person who carries out and certifies aircraft maintenance. This same title is used in a number of different countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, and New Zealand. A (L-AME) is an AME with an inspection authorization.


The origins of today's (AME) in the Commonwealth countries go back even before the arrival of the aeroplane. The first significant operator of aircraft in the UK and the Commonwealth was the British Army. During the second Boer War the Balloon Corps of the Royal Engineers used observation balloons for artillery spotting. These were later supplemented by manned kites (becoming the Air Battalion). The Royal Engineers developed some of the earliest training necessary to provide the skills for the safe operation and maintenance of their craft. Inspection and approval of maintenance work was carried out by an appropriately qualified officer of the Royal Engineers.

Training for persons performing work as "trades people" in the engineers developed into a three-year program with an additional term of apprenticeship prior to sitting "Trades Board Examinations" in order to gain "Trades Person / Journeyman" status. Training for the Officers of the Royal Engineers, who oversaw the work in an Administrative role, required that the candidate be an experienced "Journey person" in their trade in order to be accepted to the two year officer program at the Royal Engineers college in the UK where they were taught higher level engineering discipline, legal issues and other military officer courses. Upon completion, the newly graduated officer was then required to complete a two-year term of apprenticeship under a superior engineering officer.

When the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) was formed from the combined Army Air Corps and Naval aeronautical section, Sir Hugh Trenchard set up a training program at Cranwell, for the airmen of the RFC to learn the trade of aircraft maintenance.

The Royal Engineers of the Air Battalion were also the original RFC Pilot Officers - they were required to obtain a license from the Royal Flying Club in order to fly their aircraft and as such were the first into the fray when the United Kingdom sent them to the aid of France. Attrition rates were extremely high during the war and unless one of these engineers was promoted or reassigned to duties away from active combat few of these highly trained and knowledgeable men would have survived - especially when one considers that the average life expectancy of a pilot at the front during WW1 was only 3 weeks.

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Which of the course is better in aircraft maintenance engineering avionics or mechanical

Of course mechanical because it has much higher scope and if you wish latter on you can carry out masters avionics but remember avionics may or may not be one of the highest paid job but with least placements. Best of luck

Can I become a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering Degree? | Yahoo Answers

Not likely. Aircraft maintenance requires a completely different skill set than design and engineering. In most countries, you need to be certified to actually work on airplanes, and that requires a couple years of job specific training.

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