About Engineering Mechanics [Mechanical engineering]

About Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics—MS

  • Research funded by industry, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, NASA, and the Department of Defense
  • Graduate program ranked in the top 50 nationally by U.S. News World Report
  • The US Peace Corps has approved the establishment of a Peace Corps Master's International (PCMI) program in mechanical engineering at Michigan Tech, the first and only one of its kind in the nation.
  • The department is one of the largest in the nation

Graduate Programs in Engineering Mechanics

Graduate study in the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM) offers graduate students a wide range of challenging and rewarding courses of study. ME-EM is a key contributor to achieving environmental, industrial, and societal sustainability.

The MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics are offered with a project component, or as the Signature Master’s course work-only degree, which can be completed in one year. Current Michigan Tech undergraduate students can earn a MS degree with just a single year of study beyond the BS through the Accelerated Master's Program.

Research is focused in five key areas.

  • Advanced Power Systems: Critical technologies for clean, efficient, and sustainable power systems; and modeling of energy transport and conversion processes.
  • Multi-scale Sensors and Systems: Research includes nanofabrication and characterization, microfabrication processes, and bio-nanotechnology.
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Dynamic Systems: Collaborative research at the interface of engineering disciplines such as dynamics, vibration, acoustics, signal processing, and controls.
  • Mechanics of Multi-scale Materials: Constitutive modeling of biomaterials, cellular materials, biological tissues, and artificial organs.
  • Space Systems: Innovative components, systems, and architectures for micro and nanosatellite applications.

Master's Degree: Thesis Option

This option requires a research thesis prepared under the supervision of the advisor. The thesis describes a research investigation and its results. The scope of the research topic for the thesis should be defined in such a way that a full-time student could complete the requirements for a master’s degree in twelve months or three semesters following the completion of course work by regularly scheduling graduate research credits.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

Course work (minimum) 20 credits
Thesis research 6–10 credits
Total (minimum) 30 credits
Distribution of course work credit
5000–6000 series (minimum) 12 credits
3000–4000 level (maximum)

Programs may have stricter requirements and may require more than the minimum numbers of credits listed here.

Master's Degree: Report Option

This option requires a report describing the results of an independent study project. The scope of the research topic should be defined in such a way that a full-time student could complete the requirements for a master’s degree in twelve months or three semesters following the completion of course work by regularly scheduling graduate research credits.

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Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Mechanics
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What are positives and negatives about mechanical engineering.

Positive- Depending on where you go, it can be a great gateway into other types of engineering and concintrations. I am a mechanical engineering who is completing there education at Kettering University. Kettering is a good place to go if you are thinking mechanical because of the experience you get while going there. You should graduate with at least two years of experience.
Negative- its a dying field. Automotive is a bad place to be, but if you can get the jobs its a great learning experience.

Question about engineering mechanics? | Yahoo Answers

All trusses I am familiar with are a set of rigid bars connected by pin joints. This permits optimal calculations to determine the connection locations, without concern about torsion and/or shear failure due to torsion at the connections.

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