What are some Mechanical Engineering Jobs? [Mechanical engineering]

What are some Mechanical Engineering Jobs?

What are the most interesting things that Mechanical Engineers do in the industry?

As an engineer for 18 years, their are many possibilities. They include:

1. Developing the next generation of electric cars. With Tesla, GM, Toyota, and Nissan's offerings, they have provided a beach-head to the transfer of the worlds transportation fleet from gas-powered ICE to electric or hybrid cars. Although there is a discussion about how popular they will be, I think they will be in the mix of choices going forward.

2. The use of mechanics in biomedical technology, such as exo-skeletons that help handicap individuals walk [1]

3. Develop designs in the electromechanical space, such as cell phones, etc. Consider that Google Glass [3], the design, etc had to be developed by a mechanical engineer.

4. Power. Consider if it is desired, that world energy consumption is still trending higher [2]. The political issues will be what mixture of energy sources there will be (coal, nuclear, wind, solar), but the need will be there. Mechanical Engineers design these.

5. Other industries. In my career I am constantly surprised about the design challenges that are still out there, such as my current job, I am designing traffic drums. It is not very interesting on the surface, but once it is dug deeper, there are real design challenges. This includes developing a cost effective drum that can be hit by a car, but is reboundable. There has been positions developing switches, connectors and fasteners. I've seen positions developing plastic bottles and aluminum cans. None of these would be "cool" like Google Glass, but the world would not work without them.

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What are some limitations of a career in mechanical engineering.

The only limitation for a Mechanical Engineer is the sector he chooses to work in. e.g. there are many sectors in mechanical engineering such as: automobile, air-conditioning, thermal, production, manufacturing, fabrication, erection, maintenance, quality, design, etc. Amongst these sectors there are some which can be classified further.
So, if an engineer is working in any of the above sectors for years and he changes his job or sector then he would be considered as a newbie somehow new for that new sector. This is the only limitation for engineers.
Another limitation is it is not a …

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