Types of Jobs for Mechanical Engineers [Mechanical engineering]

Types of Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

What Kind of Work Environments Do Mechanical Engineers Deal With?

A mechanical engineer may inspect the production process in a manufacturing plant.A mechanical engineer may inspect the production process in a manufacturing plant.

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Mechanical engineers design and solve issues for all kinds of devices, from small toys to large machines that help to run ships, automobiles and generators. Mechanical engineers design many of the parts, pieces and equipment that people use daily. Their jobs may take them from an office environment to a manufacturing plant and to the outdoors to ensure their designs are constructed and working properly.


Mechanical engineers start their work in an office environment. They meet with other professionals such as company executives, marketing, sales and other types of engineers to gather the requirements for a design project. After the requirements are specified, they use computer-aided drafting and design applications to design specifications for a mechanical device. After the mechanical device is designed, mechanical engineers develop a prototype.

Test Laboratory

Many mechanical engineers spend time in a laboratory to create and test prototypes. A test laboratory allows them to use machinery and equipment to ensure the device is working properly or calibrated correctly. If changes are required, they revise the design specifications and retest the prototype in a laboratory until it is functioning properly.

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Manufacturing Plant

After the prototype is complete and functioning according to its specifications, mechanical engineers work on the manufacturing floor to ensure production of the device is done properly. They may provide support to the production team or instruct the team on how to assemble the device.

In the Field

After the mechanical device is manufactured, mechanical engineers work on-site, in the field, to ensure the device is installed and functioning properly. Once the device is installed, they may run tests, inspect the device or observe the device while it’s operating. Through their work in the field, they may find ways to improve the device’s functionality.

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What are the Different Types of Jobs for Mechanical Engineers?

Mechanical engineering is the art and science of designing new machinery. Anything that requires power to use, such as an air conditioner or a car engine, was likely designed by a mechanical engineer. Jobs for mechanical engineers range from researching new tools to designing and manufacturing products and testing new devices. These jobs can be found in the private or public sector, sometimes for governments, other times for businesses and organizations. Mechanical engineering has aided in the discovery and manufacture of many technologies that affect society on a larger, more public sc…

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