Overseas Mechanical Engineering Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Overseas Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Overseas Contract Jobs

Civilian Overseas Contract Jobs play an important role in supporting U.S. military interests throughout the world and are often a key component in providing construction and security services in developing and dangerous regions. Not all Overseas Contract Jobs are in danger zones, but those areas tend to have robust job markets and offer lucrative opportunities.

Overseas Contract Job Education Requirements

Beside offering the opportunity to see the world, Overseas Contract Jobs are appealing to many professionals due to relaxed job requirements. A young professional may be limited to entry-level positions domestically but could gain experience and advance their career more quickly by taking an assignment with greater responsibilities overseas.

Civil engineer is one of the most demanding Overseas Contract Jobs, and organizations who hire or subcontract a civil engineer overseas will generally demand at least a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering or a specialty within that field. Additionally, civil engineers must be appropriately licensed. Since the licensing requirements overseas may differ from the domestic ones, professionals accepting an Overseas Contract Job may need to acquire additional licenses, certifications and registrations.

Overseas Contract Job Market

Although there is anecdotal evidence that the Overseas Contract Job market is quite large, experiencing growth and competitive, it is difficult to quantify because the available statistics do not differentiate those working domestically from those working abroad. However, labor statistics for civil engineers indicate that the overall domain is experiencing phenomenal growth, approximately 20 percent annually, and within the context of the anecdotal evidence, that is a great indication that the overseas job market is experiencing similar success. Professionals looking at Overseas Contract Jobs may also want to consider Overseas Construction Jobs and International Engineering Jobs.

Overseas Contract Jobs Salary

The median salary for a civil engineer is $38.83 an hour or $80, 800 annually. Statistics do not indicate differences between domestic and overseas assignments, but professionals accepting Overseas Contract Jobs can expect a higher rate due to signing bonuses, danger pay and expanded benefits packages.

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