Mechanical Engineering students Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering students Jobs

ME Student Jobs

Current ME students who want a TA or Grader job for Mechanical Engineering classes in Winter 2016 are encouraged to complete the application questionnaire by November 22, 2015. Faculty looking for students to fill TA/Grader positions have access to this information in their efforts to find interested students. The application will be open through December, but most faculty prefer to fill their open Winter 2016 positions before Christmas vacation.

Hiring Process

The first time you are hired to an ME job, it will take you about 10 minutes to complete paperwork in person at the Department Office (435 CTB). In addition, you will receive information about required safety training. If you have not previously worked for BYU, you will receive instructions for filing I-9 documentation with student employment. If you have previously worked for ME, the hiring process is usually streamlined, requiring only an email from the hiring professor to outlining the necessary details.

Employment Policies Applying to All Jobs

All student employees agree to keep BYU student employment policies, including:

  • As a representative of the ME Department and BYU, be professional in appearance and in the execution of your job duties.
  • Keep average weekly work hours within the limits set by the professor.
  • Ensure safety rules are followed in labs, research areas, and classrooms.
  • Maintain privacy of students.
  • If you are in a position to evaluate student performance (e.g., TA, Grader, etc.), you may not enter a dating/romantic relationship with those students due to conflict of interest and the potential for allegations of sexual harassment.


While most Teaching Assistants also grade student assignments, some instructors choose to hire separate Graders, reserving TA time for other duties. Both Graders and Teaching Assistants should refer to Grading Responsibilities for more information. Graders should also refer to the ME TA Training page regularly for information and support.

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