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Mechanical Engineering Research Jobs

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A research career in mechanical engineering can be exciting and varied. This field of engineering is one which is particularly visible in the outside world and has, of course, played a vital role in the development of not only technology, but also modern society. How the field is viewed is still shaped by the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century and the leaps and bounds that were taken forward in tandem with an economic boom. From its origins with the genesis of the internal combustion engine, mechanical engineering set its sight on the horizon and revolutionised industry and public life.

Since then, mechanical engineering has developed and expanded and now has close ties with multiple other fields and is constantly developing new interdisciplinary projects. A research mechanical engineer has the option to undertake work in a number of areas including computer science, robotics, medical devices and process engineering. lists exciting and varied jobs in all these fields and at all levels. Whether you are looking for jobs for PhD students, postdoc jobs and vacancies or opportunities for mechanical engineers at any other career stage, you can find something to suit what you are looking for.

To find the perfect job, however, you need to first decide what it is exactly that you are looking for. No two career paths are identical, but no matter where yours takes you, the information and tips that offers about careers in research can be your guide. With an abundance of jobs in German speaking Europe, offers an unrivalled comprehensive companion to working in this area. The rules for visas and health insurance in Germany, employer profiles, research locations in Germany and what you can expect from a mechanical engineering salary can all be found here.

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What to ask a mechanical engineer professor? | Yahoo Answers

Since people love to talk about themselves, ask the professor how he got interested in engineering, how he decided to go into teaching, and whether he ever worked in private industry or for a government agency. If he's at a research university that offers graduate degrees in engineering, ask him about his current research.

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