Mechanical Engineering Manager Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Manager Jobs

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Mechanical engineer managers are responsible for the overall management of the mechanical engineering department, including both administrative and technical aspects. They also serve on project teams and as a lead engineer under the general direction of a project engineer. They manage engineering and design teams, and they must possess strong leadership and communication skills.

Mechanical engineer managers maintain a work schedule for the department and updates for weekly staff meetings. They coordinate with project engineers to ensure staffing and technical aspects of each project are being met by the assigned department personnel. Mechanical engineer managers may also be assigned as a team lead engineer and coordinate the discipline design aspects of a project. This includes calculations and design drawings, as well as field work.

They must possess on hands experience with equipment selection, equipment layout, and working with piping systems, HVAC, and process systems. Mechanical engineers managers also develop and manage staff training, write performance appraisals for personnel, help prepare proposals, and approve timesheets and budgets. These managers are typically required to travel to build locations and professional conferences, and they may be required to work overtime depending on deadlines and workload.

Mechanical engineer managers typically must posses a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Some employers require other certifications such as registration as a professional engineer. Most require the use of SolidWorks, as well as read machining symbols. Some companies require at least 10 years of experience in electrical or mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Manager Tasks

  • Review and improve cost reduction, maintenance, documentation, and other programs.
  • Provide expertise to direct and strategize mechanical engineering design and implementation.
  • Supervise mechanical engineers in production, inspection and review of tools, ensuring quality and timeliness.

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