Mechanical Engineering Jobs with salary [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Jobs with salary

How to get a mechanical engineering job without experience?

Presently in the US (2014) regardless if one earned an associate’s, bachelor’s, master's or PhD of science degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, automotive engineering & aerospace engineering, the demand for scientists, engineers & technicians by major corporations in the US has decreased by 80%!

Why? Because of two reasons:

1.) The globalist bankers & insurance companies (IMF) own ALL of the Fortune 500 corporations in the USA and their policy now is to de-industrialize the US and shift MOST of their asset to Asia by liquidation, consolidation & outsourcing.

2.) US corporations are too scared to tell the public what’s really going on and instead would rather lie and tell job applicants that they “aren’t experienced enough” or they “aren’t skilled enough” when nothing could be further from the truth!

Presently in the US the MORE technically skilled one is the LESS likely they will be hired by any major US corporation. US corporations only keep their sales department open for selling foreign-made products and rarely ever hire US scientists, engineers & technicians anymore except a few temp contractors without benefits subject to termination at any time.

US corporations are only looking to hire sales associates or illegal aliens. If you’re an American-born technically-skilled applicant (scientist, engineer or technician) you can forget about getting hired by a major US corporation.

IMF bankers such as the late David Rockefeller back in the 1990’s stated in his book that IMF bankers would strip most of the wealth & resources out of the US and put it into the 3rd world. Partly because they can make higher profits off of cheap foreign labor in the 3rd world AND partly because the IMF is controlled by the United Nations and HATES the US/Americans and by destroying the job market of US technical professionals the UN/IMF will be able to destroy the US Middle Class and further weaken the US into economic collapse.


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Try Gumtree
Good Luck !!

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