Mechanical Engineering Jobs Michigan [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Jobs Michigan

Michigan begs for $100,000 engineers after auto industry rebound

By Jeff Green and Mark Clothier
Bloomberg News

Andrew Watt says he figures the shelf life of an auto engineer looking for a job in Michigan is about three days. Companies that wait longer than that will have to get back in line for the next candidate.

"If their skills are even on the edges of automotive, they can get a job, " said Watt, whose iTalent LLC in Troy finds engineering and information technology workers for companies in nine states. "There's an extreme shortage. There's way more demand than supply."

Michigan's unemployment was the worst in the U.S. at 14.2 percent in August 2009, shortly after General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC emerged from a U.S.-backed rescue. That rate has since plunged to 8.6 percent, roughly in line with the national average. Employment in skilled positions is rising, reversing a decline under way since the turn of the century.

Recruiter Watt said the demand for engineering and IT workers is requiring additional pay and bonuses, with the normal pay range of $80, 000 to $120, 000 commonly stretching toward the high end. A recent recruit got a $17, 000 raise and bonus of as much as 20 percent to move from Tennessee to Michigan, he said.

Engineers who design cars and parts and need specific — and, in some cases, advanced — degrees, have been in demand throughout the U.S. for years. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said part of the problem has been a gap between what companies need and what the educational system produces.

"We've had kind of a dumb system in our country, " Snyder said in an interview. " … there's no strategic perspective to say, 'Let's match supply and demand.' "

Even so, Michigan's situation today is notable for such a dramatic change in such a short time.

Graham Fletcher, 24, a December graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, said he had one job offer already on the table and three in progress when he decided to accept another position with tire and auto parts maker Continental AG that started May 2 at the supplier's Auburn Hills office. He'll train in Germany and Shanghai over the next 14 months before returning to Michigan, he said.

"I'd never set foot in Michigan until I came for the interview, " said Fletcher, who also considered jobs in Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts and California. Continental had the best offer and most friendly hiring approach, he said.

He's already recruiting other Georgia Tech students and will participate in job fairs for his new employer, he said.

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"mechanical engineers" would basically be anything that moves i believe, like trains, cars or planes

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