Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Brazil [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Brazil

I'm a Brazilian mechanical engineering student in my last year

It's difficult to find a job in a developed country if one is a recent graduate from an emerging country or a developing country, unless one has specific expertise or a specific skill which is in short supply in the developed country.

The easiest way would be to migrate and become a permanent resident. That usually means you will have to prove that you can support yourself using whatever you take with you, in terms of financial resources, for however long it takes for you to become a productive immigrant or citizen; basically unless you were sponsored by an individual such as a relative who is a citizen or by a company which recruited you because it could not find anyone locally, you'd be expected to either start a business or be so independently wealthy that you would not require any state support before naturalizing.

Having stated the above, you should not feel discouraged because often their are opportunities to work for Multi-National Corporations head quartered in one's own country but which have representation in other desirable locations. Embraer (Brazil) would be one such Corporation which immediately comes to mind. You would have to inquire of the local Corporation as to whether they indeed have a program which seeks to train new hires with a view to placing them overseas; usually you need to have worked for the company for a number of years before they would likely consider you for such an overseas posting.

The reverse is also sometimes possible, in that a Corporation in a developed country may be looking to set up shop in your own country and may wish to hire local talent and train them in the Corporation's home country however, such postings are usually temporary (entry by Visa in to the Corporation's home country) and the person would be required to return to their country of origin on completion of their training.

There are also the international institutions and organizations (UN, etc.) but those postings tend to offer Engineers opportunities to travel and work in developing and underdevelop locations as opposed to developed ones; though training could indeed occur in a developed country.

Ideally you should aim to gain at least three years of work experience within a discipline in your particular field and one which is in high demand in the countries to which you wish to migrate. Gaining such experience within a Multi-national corporation would probably improve your exposure to work practices, training and the organizational cultures which you will experience when you make the move.

Finally, your bilingual capability is likely to serve you well, as it provides you with an advantage, so look at those overseas companies which do business in Brazil as potential employers to contact and make inquires of.

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Sorry, I don't yet have an answer to that question.

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