Mechanical Engineering Jobs available [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Jobs available

Two positions Available – ASSEMBLY PROCESS ENGINEER and

MAC VALVES, INC. is a worldwide manufacturer of pneumatic solenoid control valves. We are a people oriented technology based company. We operate our company in a group system environment, where people are given responsibility and opportunity to learn and advance. We are looking to hire people who would like to work in such an environment and grow with us.


Candidate should have a 4 year degree in manufacturing/ mechanical technology or equivalent experience. This is a hands on floor support position where the engineer will be required to solve problems, implement improvements, design fixtures, and train our work force. Applicants must have 3D CAD Skills.


For our machine design group, candidate should have a BS degree in mechanical Engineering and at least 1 year experience in precision machine design, including tooling, fixture, and jig design/trouble shooting and also machine system purchases from concept through production.

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Engineering is a great field to get into. I have never known a poor engineer. Why do you think so many expatriots from the Middle East and Asia work in those fields right here in the U.S.A?
You have many choices overseas for work as well as here in the U.S.A.
I have listed some websites that only recruit engineers. It there wasn't such a demand you wouldn't find such sites.

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