Engineering Mechanics Statics Bedford Solutions [Mechanical engineering]

Engineering Mechanics Statics Bedford Solutions


Better enables students to learn challenging material through effective, efficient examples and explanations.

Bedford and Fowler developed their Fifth Editions of Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics to answer the question: How can textbooks be restructured to help students learn mechanics more effectively and efficiently?

Based on classroom experience and feedback from users of the text, the authors developed an approach featuring the following elements:

Active Example - A new example format that encourages students to spend more time thinking critically about the concepts.

  • Each section contains an Active Example that is presented in a format that integrates the text and art.
  • A Practice Problem is included within each Active Example to allow students to check their understanding.
  • To give students additional motivation to check their understanding, the answer and full solution to the Practice Problem are included in the back of the book.

Example-focused Problems - Homework problems designed to encourage students to return to a previous example in the section and study it to expand their understanding of the concept.

  • Professors can easily identify and assign these problems to encourage further study of particular examples.

Results — Subsections that present essential contents of each section.

  • Explanations and their associated figures are presented in the same text/ art format as the Active Example

30% New Homework Problems

Photorealistic Art Program — Illustrations have been specially rendered to offer photographic—almost 3D—quality.

  • Helps students connect visually to engineering situations.

Triple Accuracy Checking—Every page of the book and solutions manual has been reviewed by three checkers to guarantee accuracy.

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